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Deli Sushi & Desserts Menu
$33 Monster Sushi Challenge Roll
-Chubby Roll x4 (Equivalent to 8 Rolls)
-Timer is on 15 minutes to Chow Down
-Free Upon Completion of the Challenge + H20 + Pictures on our wall of Fame
-Fail to complete Challenge will get free H20 + Pictures on wall of Shame
-Waiver must be sign by contestant
-One Person Challenge
Dare to try San Diego's Largest Sushi Roll? 

Video Credit to our very 1st contestant that finished the Monster Challenge Roll in 5 mins 55 seconds. 
He beat the Challenge, but who will beat his time record?
San Diego Sushi Challege | San Diego Food Challege | San Diego Largest Sushi Roll
Check out our Social Media Pages for more pictures 
and videos of all the contestants.
Video Credit Big Eaters Club from Portland, Oregon.

NEW!! We Now Sever Beer, Wine & Sake! 

$3 Asahi                         HOT SAKE                                       YOGURT SOJU          WINE ($3 Glass)                         SPARKLING SAKE            COLD SAKE
$3.75 Lucky Buddha      $4 Koshu Masamune (8oz)              $12 (1 liter Carafe)      White: Chardonnay, Riesling       $5.75 Ozeki Peach Jelly   -Hakushika Tanuki
DRAFT BEERS              Sake Bomb Specials:                          -Original Yogurt        Red: Merlot, Cabernet                 $10.75 Bunny (300ml)      -Ozeki Junmai Dry
Sapporo/Kirin                  -Buy a Beer Tower + Hot Sake           -Lychee Yogurt         Desserts: Plum, Sangria,                 -Blueberry                     -Unfiltered Nigori
$3 Pint                            = 2nd Sake Free                                 -Strawberry Yogurt    Pink Moscato                                   -White Peach                SAKE Wine
$15 Pitcher                      -Buy a Pitcher get a Hot Sake $2      -Mango Yogurt           Bottle ($6.75): Mxy Mango Moscato                                     -Japanese Pear
$25 Beer Tower (3 Liter)                                                                                                                                                                                            -White Peach                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Pineapple    
Video Credit Unhealthy Vegan from Los Angeles, CA.

Upsize any Roll from our Menu!
Monster Sushi Challenge Roll can also be order to share without doing the Challenge! Price Varies on Upsize Roll.
Video Credit You Vlog from  Oxnard, California.

Video Credit Main Event Pong